Black Leaves

Black Leaves
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Well played, Clyde

You certainly knew how and where to hit us with whatever it was you did to help Little Prey hide himself from us. You announced your presence on a public blog, guaranteeing that proxies and agents, but more importantly, The Lone Hunter, would be sent out into the city to find you.
You also knew the Master would go into a rage if the Hunt were interrupted by something like this and that He would take it out on us. You used the chaos and panic that you stirred up to slip in and find Clarice and the Brand while the real threats were struggling to regain control or were searching in all the wrong places for you. Clever. Of course, hiding Prey from sight to smuggle him off to that Inn room also gave you a location you knew about to place him in and thus be able to find and Unmark him.
Congradulations, Clyde, you have played the Master and put most of the pieces where they needed to go in order for this gambit to work. A feat few others are capable of.
The thing you didn't see coming was Al(x)ne instead holding The Lone Hunter back and stationig him with Clarice instead of sending him out. That was where your plan came crumbling down and Al(x)ne saved face.
Now you have been injured, chased from the Master's property, and hidden in a cluster of abandoned facilities.
You have nothing to be ashamed of, Clyde. You played your hand well, but it just wasn't good enough. What will you do now?

Your Friend,
Black Leaf (Al(x)ne is feeling a bit under the weather)

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