Black Leaves

Black Leaves
Master's home

Monday, February 28, 2011

And Little Prey still just doesn't get it.

You still search even though you got a live warning straight from the mouth of Al(x)ne. Fine. He has issued your punishment. Enjoy.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oh, My Dear, We Have A Guest

The Master has withdrawn from our sight with the one called Slice. You are alone now, Little Prey, and it is high time you relearned what tue fear is. You're coming for me?! No, no, no. I'm coming for you this night. Know your place. Clarice is well, Clyde.
And..."Pete". The others cannot help.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Fires Light Up The Night Sky

In Charleston, two fools, the Slicer and Little Prey, set aflame the homes of the Master. This will not go unpunished. Him vengeance will be great, swift, and painful. The way is clear for you to enter Boston, Clyde. Stay out of sight.
The Master's faithful head out now to do His work.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Hell Hound Perishes, But Takes His Foe With Him

Alas, poor Yancy. I knew him well. A Revenant of excellent quality. I knew him, Horatio. The Hell Hound went into the river with him and they have both been lost. We've recovered Yancy's body. He clutched Cerberus's shirt in his fingers. It was also torn, but I'll keep that to myself when presenting an undamaged shirt to Al(x)ne.
Little Prey is the on the move. At last I can concentrate my efforts where they were intended once again. Fairwell, Cerberus.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hellhound caught in a trap.

What will you do now, Cerberus? Your back to the river. Will you swim the distance, or take your chances ashore where you don't have a Revenant of a chance. I'm sorry, Clyde, but I could not hold Al(x)ne from insisting on pulling out our heaviest forces any longer.
Perhaps you should have planned this out a might more thoroughly, or just remained loyal to the Master. Clarice has been moved to The Ruins. I couldn't stop Al(x)ne.

Little Prey, I will give you a clue. You're so cold at this point you're on ice. Thin ice.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow. Fore this day...

Alas, alas, your trail is fresh and my charges head out now, Cerberus. Would you like a word in fuchsia from Clarice, hmm? ...They'll meet you at the Crossing, Clyde, be ready. If you can make it to Boston, she's at my house, in Charleston. Just take her and leave.
Clyde, this is me. Clarice. Please stop. "Black Leaf" told me they'd kill you if they find you if you don't surrender peacefully. Clyde, please. Just stop! I'm alright! BL hasn't hurt me, or let them hurt, or let that...that...thing, near. They say they'll let me go back to you if you just stop now. The Master has taken an interest in her. I don't know how long I can convince Him to let me handle this.
See, Clyde, she'll go free, and so will you, if you just turn yourself in. Forget Ron, just grab Clarics and run.
Little Prey knows not where he goes, even with his silly little list. He would do better just embracing the hunt.

So the Prey Comes Willingly to the Belly of the Beast.

There is no turning back from this path now, Little Prey. Once you have began your descent into the Darkess, there will be no Light to guide you back. You can't enter The Ruins, anyway. Not without the help of one who serves the Master.
The unfaithful Hellhound falls from my gaze. Did perhaps the Master claim him, or does he hide? Only time can tell. Give it up, already, Cerberus. You won't reach Boston.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Hell Hound comes to Boston and Little Prey takes to the streets once again.

Cerberus has fallen off the map as he takes roads off the beaten path across the land. A bold and brash move considering many of those are the Master's domains. Clarice is fine, Clyde. She's a little distressed about being taken from you, but I've let no harm come to her.
Little Prey comes to the Hunting Grounds. It begins for today. He urges organization of the White King, Queens, Rooks, and Pawns. Futile.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Picture Becomes Clear

I think I begin to under you now, old friend. Is all this really for that? Come now. It was so short a time. Does not our friendship mean far more? Have you forgotten we joined Him together? What have we worked for all this time if you're just going to throw it away? For her? And over them?
Talk to me.

Reassessment Response:

You learn quickly, Little Prey. So you plan to remove The Mark, do you? Well, I'm afraid that you have all of the Master and Father's children standing between you and that goal, and that is assuming you can even conprehend how to remove it IF you discover how. Very well, though. If you are intent on accomplishing this, then come and get us. We await you on the streets below and places Elsewhere.

With that, the board is set, the challenge has been roared, and the pieces have been placed. It's your move, Little Prey. Once the pawn has moved a square, it is the Other Side's turn again. When you come for us, you will be met and countered. Can a challenger move a single pawn to achieve anything significant? Well, there's always the first time, isn't there?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blood Stained Blade

Rubies fall from the edge of the blade once possessed by a friend. Little Prey is filled with anguish, but knows not the extent of his crimes. He searches for answers from the Cryer and bulletins. Your deed was detected by no source Man can muster. Your actions are known only to Us. What it was is not my place to reveal. You want to know? Come and find out for yourself, Little Prey. Brave The Hunt as you were instructed and you just might get lucky.
Decline our gracious invitation again, and the consequences will be worse yet the next time. This is your only warning.

Other Prey, you dare anoint yourself with identity other than that which has been given to you by His Grace? Your punishment will come on swift wings.

I have returned.

See you around...noonish, Little Prey.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cerberus, a new player enters.

I have been reading your handiwork across the blogs, old friend, and I demand to know what machinations you are laying. I have received no word that you would be taking the stage, so you cannot be working at the behest of the Master. Neither The Master nor I will take kindly to disruptive stagehands, Cerberus, I warn you.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Little Prey and Prey the 2nd stir.

Why yes, your circumstances are intertwined, boys.

The fox seeks friendship? If The Mark allows you might be able to receive a Slice of companionship, but you cannot leave Boston.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Lantern If By Land

Little Prey sought public commute to the iron horse leading back West. He bought a ticket and laid himself down to rest while in wait. It was then that the Master invaded his puny mind. Little Prey fought back but ended up down a flight of stairs when he bumped a man of ill disposition. Now he's been carted off by men of medicine to their facilities. Poor Little Prey. The hunt can begin when the fox knows his place.

Alas, he will not receive a Slice of reprieve nor will he be able to seek solace in the Downs.

Perhaps now if Two If By Sea?

Hmm? What is this? Another prey finds himself waking? Ah, he is for You to give chase.

The Little Prey Runs and Runs and Runs and Runs...

...but we can catch him. He's no Gingerbread man.

Little Prey leaves the Inn to brave the streets, movements fast and breaths quick. Hails a cab and leaves my vision. Poor Little Prey. He Runs and my fun begins.

The Master laid a trap, then and now. Before when he failed to catch the boy on foot. Poor Little Prey thought Fighters' plan for the Longest Night had worked. Alas, he went back to test my dear Master again and was thus caught in His web.
Now, Little Prey flees the Land of Rebellion for "safer" ground. Black leaves surround all, alas.

The Servant wishes you ado.

The Servant Goes Forth Alas, alas, a poor lost lamb wonders with no shepard in this big cruel world of ours. If only he knew. Such much to know. So much to see. Yet so little time, a fleeting thing.

Go now and Run, little Runner. I will surely follow, o Ronald Foster of the Land of Lincoln, lost in the town of Rebellion and Tea Parties. You thought you saw so much, yet it was only what the Lion wanted you to see. Once ensnared, you did see so much, in The Land of the Black Leaves. The Master, The Black King, calls from his house. I must leave you now, but I am return.

So I go, but with the answer one Roninator seeks. Little Runner has been unchained for the Master's amusement. Go forth, prey, the hunt begins.