Black Leaves

Black Leaves
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Aw, Dead Leaf, you ruined the surprise.

I was going to be the one who announce that I've stabbed the Hellbeast's eyes out. Bad boy. If you hadn't already been cut down to nine, I'd punish you some. Alas, we must wait two more days before we can see what the Master has planned for you.

So, "Pete", you will come on the 20th, eh? Hmm. Well, we will be ready for you, I can assure you of that. As for the identity of the "contact", I call bluff. There is no contact. You're lying to unnerve us and make us search for betrayal where there is none to make it easier for you to try to sneak in some crack. Who in their right mind would turn against the Master? For that matter, who has it ever paid off for? You can't even enter The Ruins without a high level Agent of The Master to lead you in. I don't know what pathetic strategy you have planned, but it isn't going to work, especially not from outside.

Oh dear, it seems like I will have to wrap this up. It looks like the Hellbeast is fading on me. Can't let that happen. I'll keep in touch and let you know how he's recovering.



  1. With all due respect, we still have two more days until their assault. Perhaps we should at the very least ask Black Leaf if he knows of anyone who could be the "Contact." Due to Tensor's still recent defection, I would guess that those whose faith is weak would be a bit more bold than usual. The fact the contact is acting just now implies it is someone who is concerned about Cerby. Therefore, Black Leaf as a former friend of Clyde may have some idea as to the identity of the contact.
    With all due respect.

  2. Maybe I made a deal with someone?

  3. Let's see, the list of people who can enter The Ruins that we know of are: Slender Man, himself, Al(x)ne, Black Leaf, Clyde, and The Lone Hunter.

    Perhaps your yet to be seen personal assassin had a change of heart, Al(x)ne?

  4. Well, that is not quite a complete list. There are other subdimensions that The Master has created all over the world for his servants.
    That's just the list of people relevant to events in Boston who can.

    Though, if someone from another region who could enter the subdimensions arrived, The Master would have made us aware of it and sent us out to deal with them.
    I guess that just leaves The Lone Hunter and myself as the only suspects in this little mystery. Though, think about it. A friend's life against that of my beloved's? Whereas Lone Hunter is truly alone in this world. Who obviously has less to lose by turning against The Master?

  5. Watch your words, Black Leaf. If you think I'm going to trust you over The Lone Hunter, a loyal colleague who served me well when you were still in grade school, you're insane.