Black Leaves

Black Leaves
Master's home

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Servant Goes Forth Alas, alas, a poor lost lamb wonders with no shepard in this big cruel world of ours. If only he knew. Such much to know. So much to see. Yet so little time, a fleeting thing.

Go now and Run, little Runner. I will surely follow, o Ronald Foster of the Land of Lincoln, lost in the town of Rebellion and Tea Parties. You thought you saw so much, yet it was only what the Lion wanted you to see. Once ensnared, you did see so much, in The Land of the Black Leaves. The Master, The Black King, calls from his house. I must leave you now, but I am return.

So I go, but with the answer one Roninator seeks. Little Runner has been unchained for the Master's amusement. Go forth, prey, the hunt begins.

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