Black Leaves

Black Leaves
Master's home

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hellhound caught in a trap.

What will you do now, Cerberus? Your back to the river. Will you swim the distance, or take your chances ashore where you don't have a Revenant of a chance. I'm sorry, Clyde, but I could not hold Al(x)ne from insisting on pulling out our heaviest forces any longer.
Perhaps you should have planned this out a might more thoroughly, or just remained loyal to the Master. Clarice has been moved to The Ruins. I couldn't stop Al(x)ne.

Little Prey, I will give you a clue. You're so cold at this point you're on ice. Thin ice.


  1. Gee, the lack of results didn't tip me off.

    A Revenant?! You sicced a Revenant on Cerberus? Near a river in the middle of Winter?! You DID read up on what happened with Reach and that other Revenant way back when in Ireland, right?

  2. Hell swimming through the river charles has KILLED people before, even in summer. That shit is toxic as fuck.