Black Leaves

Black Leaves
Master's home

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reassessment Response:

You learn quickly, Little Prey. So you plan to remove The Mark, do you? Well, I'm afraid that you have all of the Master and Father's children standing between you and that goal, and that is assuming you can even conprehend how to remove it IF you discover how. Very well, though. If you are intent on accomplishing this, then come and get us. We await you on the streets below and places Elsewhere.

With that, the board is set, the challenge has been roared, and the pieces have been placed. It's your move, Little Prey. Once the pawn has moved a square, it is the Other Side's turn again. When you come for us, you will be met and countered. Can a challenger move a single pawn to achieve anything significant? Well, there's always the first time, isn't there?


  1. Its not just one pawn.

    One pawn can be countered easily.

    Two pawns?

    They can harry a plan and watch each others backs.

    Hows the side, by the way?

    We both know Im not the only one he stabbed.

  2. Caution. Two pawns are better than one, but the black leaf has many.
    The Mark is not easily sundered, and it's power is of the Black King. Ron is correct is discerning it's abilties during his "Reassessment".
    I come to the land of Revolution now, black leaves. Not for the hunt or for Ron. I will take back what you stole.

  3. So another traitor reveals himself. If you think you can take her back: just do so.

  4. You're just making friends left and right, aren't you?